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The Jasper Community is situated between two of Northern Arizona’s most appealing places: the thriving and growing Town of Prescott Valley and the charming, historical City of Prescott. While it’s an easy commute to Phoenix, the Jasper community is also perfectly positioned so residents can enjoy the starry night skies and the clean air of its peaceful location. 

Trails & Parks

Both Prescott Valley and Prescott boast impressive choices for outdoor enthusiasts. Wildlife is abundant—residents often catch views of antelope, deer and a wide variety of birds. Hikers and bikers have access to an extensive (and ever-growing) network of hundreds of miles of trails, and the area features dozens of parks. 


The real crown jewels, though, are the lakes: 

  • Willow Lake. Surrounded by breathtaking granite boulders and a series of trails that run through scenic greenery, Willow Lake is a picturesque place to fish, boat, and kayak (or, to hike and bike).
  • Watson Lake. Just a hop, skip, and jump from Willow Lake, Watson Lake shows off the same scenic landscape–rugged granite boulders perfect for climbing, plenty of trails, and fishing and boating, too. Plus, it’s a great place for bird-watching.
  • Goldwater Lake. Nestled in amongst the tall Prescott pines, Goldwater Lake sparkles in the sun. With plenty of amenities for picnicking, as well as boating and fishing, visitors can make a day of being outside in the shade and on the water. 
  • Lynx Lake. This pretty spot features its own café and boat rental facilities, and a trail that hugs the shoreline, as well as camping, fishing and boating. It’s set in the pines, too, so it’s the perfect place to cool off in the summer–and to visit year-round. 

There’s no better place to get outside.  


Prescott Valley is home to a vibrant entertainment district, with a 5,000-seat event center that’s home to the Northern Arizona Suns and brings in top-notch entertainment, from rodeos to bands and symphonies. With a focus on growth, the Town of Prescott Valley has brought in several national retailers including Sprouts, Kohl’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Starbucks, and more.  

Courthouse Square

Downtown Prescott is arguably the county’s crown jewel with its quaint Courthouse Square surrounded by lush lawns, shady trees, and numerous boutique shops and restaurants. The square itself has played a starring role in making Prescott “America’s Christmas City,” but the events here—arts and crafts festivals, farmers markets, live music, and block parties—happen year-round. Prescott, too, has a flourishing arts scene. 


Healthcare in this area is top-of-the line. Yavapai Regional Medical Center has two campuses—one each in Prescott Valley and Prescott —and it’s also home to a dedicated, modern breast care facility, a world-renowned heart care center, and some of the best facilities in the state.


The communities in the Prescott Valley and Prescott area take education seriously. From highly-performing public schools to a wide variety of charter schools, including the renowned Basis, there are options to fit every child’s needs. 

And when it comes to higher education, opportunities are varied: 

  • Yavapai College has campuses in Prescott Valley and Prescott, and their programs feature traditional community college courses as well as career and technical courses. Plus, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute provides a variety of peer-driven courses for seniors.

  •  In addition to top-of-the-line flight, engineering, intelligence, and business programs (among others) taught by experienced faculty members at the forefront of their fields, the world-renowned Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University also has intercollegiate sports teams and an open-to-the-public planetarium.  

  • Prescott College, a private liberal arts school, also calls Prescott home. Its philosophy stresses experiential learning and self-direction. Degrees include Adventure Education, Arts & Humanities, Cultural & Regional Studies, Environmental Studies, Arts & Letters, Interdisciplinary Studies, Sustainable Community Development (and Management) and Psychology and Human Development.