Mandalay Homes

Introducing iON Series to Jasper Eco Living 

Mandalay Homes

Every Mandalay home in the Jasper community is a part of the iON™ Series which features: 

  • Included Solar and Energy Storage. By combining the sun’s energy and innovative technology, iON™ homes run on just pennies each day. 
  • High quality windows that optimize natural light and maximize the beautiful Arizona views. 
  • Whole-house air filtration and fresh air exchange systems to exceed the standards of the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS certification. 
  • Tight thermo envelopes (thanks to the revolutionary AeroBarrier, which fills gaps as small as a hair follicle to prevent energy leaks), and powerful insulation for the best indoor air quality, HVAC efficiency, and sound dampening. 
  • Water-conserving features including intelligent pumps for hot water, smart irrigation systems, and WaterSense certified fixtures and appliances. 
  • Energy management systems to constantly monitors and optimizes the use of energy in the house. 
  • Advanced construction techniques that reduce the home’s carbon footprint (an iON™ Series home has a carbon footprint nearly 65% smaller than that of a traditional code-built home).
  • Savings. Because iON™ Series homes are so energy efficient, and thanks to the fact that every one of them uses solar power, homeowners enjoy substantial energy cost savings. 

Our history

Mandalay Homes started operations in 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona, with a focus on building small neighborhoods and affordable housing communities.

In 2012, Mandalay partnered with the City of Phoenix to create an award-winning, energy-efficient, affordable housing community. This experience changed the focus of the company towards applying those forward-thinking ideas and features to every Mandalay home.

With a vision for the future of homebuilding, owners Dave and Kristy Everson combined their passions for designing homes with distinctive architecture and energy efficiency. This journey of dedication, discovery, and design has resulted in homes with national certifications recognizing the highest standards of homebuilding.

In 2018, Mandalay Homes launched the new iON Series, built around the philosophy of sustainability made simple. The homeowner enjoys the benefits of an efficient, environmentally conscious, healthier home without any need to actively manage their energy usage or change their lifestyle.

Mandalay Homes has also been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy for accomplishments in energy efficiency and innovation for more than a decade and named ‘Energy Star Partner of the Year’ 5-years in a row. We are also proud to have been nationally recognized as an industry leader in energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and water conservation.

Mandalay Homes
Mandalay Homes