A Place Where You Can Truly Live

Prescott Arizona is like nowhere else in the world & the Jasper community mirrors that singularity.

Jasper’s developers recognize the natural beauty of the Prescott Area, and they’ve built the community to be part of it. This is the perfect place to create an exceptional life in an exceptional home.

Reinvent Yourself in the View

State-of-the-Art Natural Living

The Jasper Community is a place where residents have the opportunity to truly live—to create memories, build relationships, and enjoy every single moment. Not only is it set against a backdrop of striking Northern Arizona topography and landscape, but it’s also designed with living in mind. Each lot is optimized for best view possible to maximize your exposure to nature.

It also blends the best of nature with state-of-the-art amenities to offer an unparalleled experience—one where every occasion becomes a special occasion. 

Make Friends in the View

Club House Opening Fall 2022

Our Club House & Community Includes

  • A family pool and an adults-only pool (with a generous deck and dedicated restrooms)
  • A coffee shop and bar 
  • A multipurpose room for events and entertaining
  • A fitness room 
  • Yoga (including a yoga lawn)/Multipurpose training
  • Community outdoor kitchen and barbecue areas
  • An entertainment patio 
  • A dog park
  • Trash pickup
  • Wi-Fi

Jasper is a neighborhood where people live, together, enjoying the best of what life has to offer: natural beauty, stunning architecture, and most importantly, experiences that cultivate lifelong friendships—and memories. 

Enjoy Nature with a View

Maximizing Trail Access and Preserving Nature.

The Jasper community is also focused on:

  • Preserving the area’s natural vegetation by carefully harvesting existing trees, storing them in a nearby tree farm, and then replanting them. 
  • Re-seeding roughly 25 acres of land (about a one-mile stretch) along the Iron King Trail where the natural vegetation may have been affected during the construction process. 
  • Planting more than 500 new trees along the one mile stretch of the Iron King Trail that runs through the community.
  • Developing a plan to create a new trailhead, with parking, for the Iron King Trail.